How to Attract the Right Target Group with the Right Keywords

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October 2, 2013
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How to Attract the Right Target Group with the Right Keywords

ID-100181541When we are attempting to create content which is of high quality we need to consider the people whom the piece of writing is aimed at. You can put all your heart and soul into an article but gain little dividends out of it because it is poorly marketed making it inaccessible to those it benefits most.

One way in which you can ensure your content is seen by the right people is to use specific keywords that will match the relevant user searches in Google thus optimizing your sites chances of showing on the first page of results. Below are ways in which you can improve the hit rates on your site through keyword methodology and content management.

  1. Embody the user – Whenever a product is invented the marketers must always get inside the mind of the buyer; mainly focusing on the aspects which are most appealing in order to aid advertisement feedback. Discovering the questions people ask most about the product helps to gain the relevant information about the target audiences. This is no different than with websites where the written content is the product. You must focus on what will catch the user’s eyes. There are always more relevant words to do with the product and you must figure out which these are by becoming a target audience member yourself.

  1. Clutter – Only use keywords that matter, nobody wants to see a page filled with random words that make sentences incoherent and irrelevant. Generating hit rates is one thing but convincing the users to stay is another. If you have people constantly coming in and out without reading your content it is known as having high bounce rates i.e. a poorly rated site. This is something you want to avoid so having presentable content is vital in order to persuade users to stay.

  1. Quality Content – Expanding on the above point, make sure your article content gives answer to the question posed in the headline. Using keywords only works if the content relates to them. There is no point in having a headline that has nothing to do with the actual content. This will be viewed as misrepresentative and result in your website being marked down by Google. Once your reputation has been darkened it is very hard to improve it once again.

The most important thing to remember when you are creating content is that it should help attract new customers and followers. Spend a small amount of time doing research on what works for your target audience and put some effort into the writing and everything will fall into place. It helps to be passionate in what you are writing about and people will notice this being conveyed through your content. If your page is experiencing a lot of positive traffic including many shares, likes and follows then you know you are doing the right thing.

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