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Want More Sales and a Healthy Business?

1. SMART Testimonials

First of all, you should ask your previous clients for SMART testimonials – what would give you much more than just “thanks, it was great” – ie by asking the right questions you could learn what you do excellently, why people come to you, and what are the real benefits to them – and then introduce these benefits to more people.

2. Content of the Pages

Make your website more “human” – ie get rid of the scientific terminology and use easier-to-understand language.

The approach we use for copywriting, is a proven 4mat, where you follow these four questions: why? what? how? what if? and lead the reader of the content through the process from understanding the benefits of your offering up to the final decision and desire to buy. To assure you get the best copy, I would get the director and founder of 3R, Peter Lawless involved and he would actually write up the content for you.

3. Online Newsletter

Finally, I would like to see you working more actively with your clients’ database, and this could be done effectively through a regular online newsletter (eg. monthly). It would also be a great way of collecting email addresses of your potential clients who visit your site, but are not ready to book a course yet – and you could keep in touch with them.

4. Sales System Assessment, Sales Planning & Sales Staff Training

It is prudent to understand that the way you handle new leads coming in from your website and other channels is really the one that helps you generate most business from people interested in your offering.

5. Next Steps

As you can imagine, 3R can help with any of these five main areas. Let us know if you would welcome assistance with any of them.

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