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May 9, 2008
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Why does 3R stand for Success?

3R is the basic principle that underlines all success. In rural Ireland when the children used to be schooled in what was known as “hedge schools” they were taught the basics of learning, the rudimentary principles known as the 3R’s – Reading. ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmatic.

In order to continue to grow, successful people and businesses adopt three fundamental principles;

  • Respect
  • Rapport
  • Relationships

The quality of our success and happiness is determined by our Relationships and relationships are only possible when we have understanding and Rapport and in order to gain true rapport we must have Respect for the other person.


  1. Peter, I was wondering whether we shouldn’t mention also “harder” aspects, such as “Results” as people could be interested in something tangible, on top of the “soft” things.

    So maybe would be worth considering




    What do you think?

  2. So how would you then write this sentence

    “The quality of our success and happiness is determined by our Relationships and relationships are only possible when we have understanding and Rapport and in order to gain true rapport we must have Respect for the other person.”

  3. Why does 3R stand for success?

    …In order to continue to grow, motivated people




    “On your way to success, the Results you will achieve are strongly determined by your Resolution for Success and the Relationships you build with people around you. 3R is here to help with all three steps.”

  4. Depends on what we want to communicate really, as your version is a lot higher, I think – leading to “success and hapiness” where you maybe don’t need results, you are “happy” because you’ve nice relationships and you don’t need to limit yourself with measuring “results”.

    But if I’m in marketing and business, I want to see “Results” on top of this (well, maybe it’s below the final goal of being happy having great relationships…), but in this area it resonates well, I think.

    Also having read your last kickstart email to our client where you spoke about results – I think 3Rs should be something we will use frequently in our communication with clients.

    Do you think results would go well with coaching and training? And isn’t “Resolution” very close to “motivation”?

    What about asking our previous clients and newsletter subscribers what version is closer to them?

  5. I like your arguments, well put and succinct and I want you to know that 2 words must be in – and those words are respect and relationships – I am open to changing rapport to results – I just don’t like resolution – because that normally comes after conflict!

    So how about

    “Since we are not alone in this world, great Relationships with a sound basis of Respect clearly lead to incredible Results.”

  6. Yes, this looks much better and I like Respect, it has that Nunco feeling to me – I had just one issue with it – when results depend only on relationships (and respect), doesn’t it create a space for “corruption”? Couldn’t people understand it as using their connections to get results?

    As results depend also on what you put into it, your own effort, work on yourself, not just relationships – I couldn’t find better word for this “personal input” beginning with “R”.

    What do you think?

  7. I find your beliefs and presuppositions quite interesting, since it appears to me that you believe connections to get results is some sort of corruption.

    Also I could start talking about how we are all connected within this universe and peoples who decide that they should go it alone are trying to create an ego based identity, which ultimately leads to pan, suffering and a total closure to the possibility of enlightenment

    But maybe that is a step too far.

    Because if people wanted to go it alone, then they would need 3R, would they? And tell me how you can have a relationship with out respect, and how can you have great and delighted customers unless you respect them and they respect you and you create a relationship with them.

    And only when you care enough about people to create relationships, based on respect can you actually get results.

    And maybe if you decide to think more along emotional lines, and truly get involved from the customer’s perspective, will you start to see the power of relationships based on respect.

    Just some thoughts

  8. Yes, you’re right, relationships and respect are vital for everything.

    So where then stands the “performance” = individual effort, work, training etc…? Is it of any importance for getting results – once your relationships are with respect?