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April 1, 2011
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What to Do When Ads Do Not Work

There are three critical situations you might come across when you track your Google Ads campaigns regularly – and here we also provide solutions to the possible issues:

1. Problem: You are getting low/no impressions.


a/ Check in “My Account” whether your billing options are set up correctly. Google will notify you of any issues, anyway.

b/ Check your minimum bid and daily budget settings and if you want to have your ads shown more often, make sure the budget per day you have set is enough to cover the cost of all clicks you are getting.

c/ If a/ and b/ are not the issue, you probably want to expand your keyword list to make sure it consists of keywords that are being searched a lot. Google Keyword Tool will help you do this – and you will find it in your Campaign Management in the section called “Tools”.

2. Problem: You are getting lots of impressions but low/no clicks.


a/ Modify your ads, make sure they follow the structure as given above and check they include your main keywords.

b/ Make sure that your keywords are not too general, so that they are being searched for quite often, but not so often in relation to your offering.

3. Problem: You are getting lots of clicks but low/no conversions.


a/ Check that your conversion tracking code is in place – when you go to your Thank You page and view source, you should see it there.

b/ Optimise your landing page better – as described above – make sure that within the first fold of the screen you can see a clear call to action, benefits and that everything is as simple and clear as it gets.

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