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January 11, 2005
My busy week
June 21, 2005
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What is this blog all about?

Hi and welcome to my weekly blog,

I am an intern at 3R Sales & Marketing ( www.3r.ie) in Greystones, Ireland, for 6 months and this blog is all about my experience in this great firm. I chose 3R because of its specialized activities and Ireland because it’s an interesting country.

Peter Lawless is my boss, and I am learning everyday from his experience and expertise.

Since the 1st of June, I have learned that the real estate market in Ireland is “special”. Joking aside, I have done a lot of reading, because the business of 3R (consulting) is a lot about knowledge.I have also been working on marketing assignements with Peter and it’s been quiet exciting.

We have been doing a Wedding Editorial as well as an advertisment for the services of Hoopers Catering. In addition, I have been assisting in the conception of an article that lists 7 +1 criterias that a business owner should consider when selecting sales and marketing services .


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  1. Peter T. Lawless, 3R says:

    From my perspective, I am extremely lucky to have Joachim on board.

    He is one of the very top students at IFI in Rouen in France, and he found us!

    He has a wonderfully fresh approach, and he has great ideas.

    I have no doubt, that when he qualifies, he will help what ever company he works with seriously improve their bottom line

    Peter Lawless

    PS – I will try and get him you know!