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October 27, 2006
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November 7, 2006
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We Think Pictures

Hello, people!
We Think Pictures
There is a long weekend behind us and with that probably lots of experiences, full of fun and relax. Moreover, the weather was also surprisingly dry for Ireland 🙂 . Anyway, have you run the Dublin City friendly Marathon?Now it is time to get back to work and I am here with few interesting marketing issues again. You know, we learn all the time.

So now try to answer the following question:

What is your couch in your living room like?

You are probably thinking about the adjectives like leather, brown, big, small, black, soft, … However, what happens in your mind? Can you see the letterings of these adjectives? Do you see „BROWN“, „BLACK“, „RED“? Don’t you rather see just the colour? The picture of your sofa?

Because we do not think words or letters, we think pictures. This is what Peter taught me today. And this knowledge can be used in many ways, especially in marketing: take a look e. g. at and you will understand immediately.

Apart from that, I have a good news for you: our long prepared webpage is alive! Just check out and let us know what you think about it. We appreciate any comments. However, there are still some broken links but we are solving all the problems. And in the future we should add also some more pictures 🙂 .

That is what I should do as well with this blog…

That is all for now, enjoy your life and next week I am back again with something new for me and maybe also for you!


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