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September 21, 2012
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October 1, 2012
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Stay Away From Stuffing This Christmas

Search engine marketing has changed a lot with further changes expected in the next Google update this winter, the changes that have been made however have been the right ones. The changes are all designed with the customers and users in mind, though this may mean an increase in workload for many websites it means that visitors are finally being given what they want.

Any long term mission of a website should be just that, giving the customers exactly what they want, that is if the website wants success.

These changes have meant that websites now have to have plenty of quality content that is extremely relevant to your potential customers, so if you haven’t already started to improve it, you really should think about doing it as soon as you can. If you are looking for some tips on how to do so, then you should consider some or all of these tips:

1.      Leave The Stuffing For Christmas Time

Keyword stuffing is now ancient history and should be forgotten. The days where filling a 500 word article with more than 10 keywords are long gone, today it is all about being relevant. Users these days now have the option to comment or “like” or “dislike” a particular article, so providing good content is paramount.

These days the importance lies in the links, so being able to convince a customer into clicking them by providing useful and informative content, is going to be far more effective than spamming keywords into an unreadable and un-researched article. So if you can concentrate on content and forget the keyword, you will end up with far better results.

2.      Become More Active With Regards To Any Content On Your Site

Running an online business requires a lot of work, so in many cases you will not have the time to write the content yourself. If this is the case, you should still have an active role in exactly what you would like and of what goes onto your website. You have to demand the best from any work you outsource, ensure the search engine marketing company you outsource the work to comes up to scratch as it will only be your site that suffers.

3.      Think About Link Baiting And Backlinks

A link bait piece would have been designed specifically to get people thinking and talking. You should be aiming to achieve this, try to think of a unique angle you could use to create a discussion. If you prove to be successful at doing this you should have no trouble building the quality backlinks that can propel your site right to the summit of the search engine rankings.

4.      Interact With Your Community

Bots do not just keep an eye out for content and relevance; they also look for user engagement. Never ignore your audience or pretend they are not there, it is impossible nowadays to run your website in a vacuum. Your site needs this audience to survive, so by being interactive, friendly and informative you will find that you will build exactly the kind of community your site needs for continued success.

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