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Putting the Ad into AdWords Management

Ever since Google insisted that any agency should have been certified through the Google Certification Program, before they can begin to offer their services to clients, the whole SEM (search engine marketing) industry has seen a dramatic improvement in quality.

Google offer this training either through their online learning centre as well as in cities all across the planet. Google AdWords management when done to a successful level can have a massive effect on the performance on a client’s business.

Google AdWords literally harbors thousands of different and unique capabilities as well as features that can all have a massive contributing factor in how successful an advertiser is, this is why we are going to discuss in a little bit more detail the specifics of the ad delivery methods and also ad rotation which are vital if you are working on a campaign where the main aim is simplicity and a high ROI.

Ad Delivery Methods

This particular feature is what is responsible for determining whether or not your ads will show for a keyword at any particular time of the day.

If you opt for a standard delivery it will use a combination of your daily budget, your maximum CPC as well as your maximum search volume estimations to calculate the best time to have your ads showing at the most optimal time periods. This ensures that your ads are on at the times when it is most likely that your potential customers are looking for you.

If you do decide to use a standard delivery, if you choose to set a lower budget than what is recommended, you are just going to exhaust your entire budget before the day comes to an end which means you are going to miss out on some potential clicks some of which could have been converted.

Accelerated delivery on the other hand serves up your ads online straight away and will run constantly until you have used up your entire budget; this is recommended for businesses that have a higher chance of gaining a good ROI in the morning and early afternoon.

Using The Display Ad Builder

With regards to Google Adwrods management this is actually a fairly new feature. If you think back to before the internet was around, advertising was all done in the print format, and a business would call up the local newspaper and buy some advertising. However, they would generally find that the newspaper would not offer any kind of design services; this meant that the business would have to outsource the design work to another company prior to putting the ad in the paper.

The Google AdWords display Ad builder provides all of the tools necessary to help online advertising to avoid falling into the same traps as there was with print advertising. A business can now simply make use of a Google AdWords management company to oversee all of their AdWords designs.

Ad Rotation

The ad rotation setting allows you to “optimize for clicks” all of your ads. It serves each and every one of your ads within an ad group on an even footing, which is until the ad that performs the best has been discovered. The ad that achieves the highest CTR (click through rate) will be how Google establishes just which is the most successful of your ads.

It is an excellent way to automatically optimize your ads, leaving you with the task of using this information to configure your landing page for optimum conversions.

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