SEO marketing really helps your sales – we did it!

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July 12, 2006
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July 25, 2006
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SEO marketing really helps your sales – we did it!

OK, time to do the wonga wonga victory dance

For one month 3R sales and marketing has dominated the googol listings. If you type in we are number one of 34,800,000.

We are also on the second page of 92,000,000 results for the term

so how did we do it.

  1. We ensured that our desired search terms are used in meaningful content to describe how our clients can benefit from boosting their revenues and profits, with specialist business development by focusing in improving a companies sales and marketing capability.
  2. We published our extensive collection of sales and marketing focused articles on the top article directories. We were lucky in so far as many people really liked the articles, and indeed put them on their own websites with our links in place.
  3. We regularly submit our website to all of the key directories, with new and fresh content, which still tells the story of our sales and marketing excellence
  4. We focused on our location, and made sure that everybody knew we were an Irish company, that understands Irish business development challenges.
  5. We Blog regularly, with links to our font page
  6. We issue press releases, which add immense value to the journalists as they can pick up on a story that will raise their profile and ease their work burden with their readership, by providing interesting content.
  7. We maximise the use of accessibility guidelines, to provide descriptive “alt” text with our graphics.

Content is King, has never been truer, so you must ensure that all of your relevant content, helps your readers. It is interesting and is liberally showered with your key words, in a way that adds value to all parties.

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