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July 19, 2006
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August 5, 2006
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Effective marketing

Effective marketing
You can see marketing tactics in action everyday. Everytime you walk in the street, go shopping or travel, you are invaded by marketing. You see advertisings, you get flyers, you receive promotional vouchers…and everytime you learn some lessons.

Let’s take a simple example. After shopping last week end, I felt an urgent need to eat something. I saw some ice creams vendors on the seafront, and went directly to their direction.

As I walked past the first ice cream vendor, I noticed that he was absorbed in reading his newspaper. I continued walking and I approached a second vendor, who asked with a big smile: how are you today? Would you like to try one of my best Italian ice creams?? I smiled and nodded my head enthusiastically. A sale was made. Why?? Because the second vendor knew more about effective marketing than the first one.

People buy things they want from people they know, like and trust! If you want your customers to like you, and buy from you, then treat them as though they are the most important people in the world. Sometimes just an extra smile is enough.

But my ice cram vendor still has room for improvement. Also available in his stand were cold and hot drinks. But he never asked me if I would like one to go with my ice-cream. He didn’t offer, so I didn’t buy.

There is no better time to sell your customers something more, than when they are already in a buying mood. Give your customers a special offer on another related product or service that will benefit them, when they are already in the process of buying something from you.

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