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April 8, 2009
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April 13, 2009
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Sales System: Does Cold Calling Really Work?

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So what is the secret to highly successful cold calling? Why is it that some people always seem to get the appointment? Do they use some new fangled tricks that you can only learn at hugely expensive telesales training courses? If you want to find a simple way of boosting your sales, using the phone, without the rejection, then read the rest of this article. So what do you do next – you ask them what I call a “problem statement” question.

Every person that I have ever met hates cold calling. Yet it is hailed as the most important aspect of lead generation that exists. Why do we all seem to hate it? In fact cold calling ranks close to public speaking as one of the most feared things a human being can undertake. Even ahead of spiders, snakes and even dying!

Do you remember one of the most common phrases your mum used to say to you when you were off to school, or going out with your friends?

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