Plan your Sales Cash-Crop now – Marketing Consultant advice

External SEO: Increase Your Online Revenue!
August 5, 2008
Internal SEO: Attract and make visitors stay longer!
August 11, 2008
External SEO: Increase Your Online Revenue!
August 5, 2008
Internal SEO: Attract and make visitors stay longer!
August 11, 2008
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Plan your Sales Cash-Crop now – Marketing Consultant advice

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We reap what we sow and now is the time to sow leads that you can harvest into sales later this year! Read about six sure-fire tips to boost your leads now!

In an economic downturn a farmer who may have had a poor harvest last year, knows that, even if it means borrowing, he must sow this year’s crop at the right time – if he doesn’t without anything to harvest in the autumn, then he will truly be in trouble.

So are you sowing your marketing seeds now, to watch them germinate into
qualified leads, so that when the need for your offering becomes right, you can convert them into happy customers?

What should you be doing now, while so many people are on holiday, to ensure you make your sales numbers, by the end of the year?

Read the rest of this article to find six sure-fire marketing tips, to
ensure your coffers are full come Christmas, with your turkey on the table and next years plans, well ready for next year.

Many people, indeed some more than others, are looking for magic ways to
increase their sales, take home more profit and achieve a better work/life balance with more time off for their pastimes or family.

The good news is that with the right expertise, this is possible – the bad
news for some, is that it will require hard work and commitment – however the rewards for those who follow this principles are clear.

  1. If you don’t already have a unique value proposition,
    something that clearly distinguishes you from your competitors, isn’t
    it time you used the summer down-time to get that nailed? At least this
    way people can clearly see how they get value from you.
  2. Ask yourself: Does my website deliver the leads, enquiries or sales that it should? How would my business increase or be easier if my website was more productive? You could find a company who offers a free web check service to help you answer these questions.
  3. Are my sales people closing as many sales as they should? Do too many leads
    just die, without becoming valuable customers? The summer months are a
    great time to boost your sales skills. You may want to see whether you
    want to take a public course or an in-company special – and visit our a
    sales training page now.
  4. You probably already know that happy and motivated people are the most
    productive. Many success-oriented business owners decide to invest in
    your own future or motivate their staff through coaching – after all,
    Tiger Woods has three coaches and he is the world number one!
  5. Do you know which sales are likely to close between now and the end of the year? Is the figure in your sales pipeline properly qualified and something that you accountant could rely on? Having the expertise of an experienced sales manager who can ask the tough questions to sales people and cut through pipeline bullshit, while giving you strategies to fix it, might just be the answer.
  6. Does everyone sing off the same hymn sheet? Are sales people giving out the same messages as customer service and marketing? Does everyone know exactly what your goals are? Maybe taking a look at you internal communication could be just what you need to have – motivated, productive and pulling together people.

We all know that it can take 3, 6 or 12 months to develop a relationship
with a prospect before they become a customer. Isn’t now the time you
should start thinking about and taking action to ensure you are
communicating with your potential customers for year-end and 2009.

More millionaires were made during the crash of 1929, than in the preceding
9 years – isn’t it time you started thinking like a winner, while
everyone else is running around panicking about our current economic

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