Internal SEO: Attract and make visitors stay longer!

Plan your Sales Cash-Crop now – Marketing Consultant advice
August 6, 2008
Million of thank you’s to 3R!
August 18, 2008
Plan your Sales Cash-Crop now – Marketing Consultant advice
August 6, 2008
Million of thank you’s to 3R!
August 18, 2008
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Internal SEO: Attract and make visitors stay longer!

After having given you tips for a great external SEO, I am going to give away the secret for an Internal SEO. In fact this internal optimization concerns the website itself, since it consists of modifying the structure such as design, content, organization of web pages, linking web pages together etc. However you may think that design and content are the most important internal factors of SEO, you are not completly right therefore to help you improve your website, you have to follow the next steps:

• Selection of keywords
Before even building a website, a keyword research has to be carried out to select the most relevant ones. Apart from search engines keyword tool services, there are other websites specialized in keyword statistics such as A Keyword research would reveal what keywords visitors are actually using for their queries. That is the reason why a selection of most frequently searched website is crucial for web traffic.

• Minimum words per page
A minimum of 200 words is required to maximize web pages ranking. In fact, search engines select first websites that have consistent content. So the more content a web page has, the greater are the chances to be high ranked. However a page with few words would hardly get ranked in first results page since search engines love content.
In an usability standpoint, a page with few words would not contain a large amount of information, that is another reason why webmasters have to renounce to use pages with very little content. That mistake can make visitors go away to find more information in competitors sites.

• CSS layout
« Centum Call Seconds. In traffic engineering, hundred (centum) call seconds. One hour contains 3600 call seconds (60 seconds times 60 minutes), or 36 CCS. »
CSS-based sites have greater chances to be high ranked because search engines prefer it because CCS provide clear code to search engine so the website is more accessible consequently much easier to found.

• Relevant page title
Page title is the first thing that search engines pay attention to, so it is the most important factor to care for a good page optimization. For example if the title sums up the content of the page then search engines will be able to find out what the page is about.
Besides a keyword-rich page title will help visitor to orientate themselves within the website.

• Headings and sub-headings
As heading sums up the contain of one page, Search engines consider that the text contained in heading tags has a predominant importance. Also it is important to have sub-headings since search engines find them more important than the rest of the body text. Search engines attach the most importance to heading, then sub-headings, and so on.
In another hand, headings are also important for visitors, because they considerably help them to find quicker the information looking for. Indeed visitors spent few times in websites, they do not have time to read the whole page, they just scan keywords as a search engines do. So by breaking down web pages into headings and sub-heading it will make the navigation easier.

• Opening paragraph
On a paragraph, the first 20 words are the most important because search engines assign the most importance to them rather than the whole paragraph. Therefore, it is necessary to have an opening paragraph that describes the rest of the body text in the web page. Least but not last, relevant keywords have to be included in this opening paragraph.
In a visitor point of view, this opening paragraph is more than useful because by reading it they will know whether it is the correct information they want. It would avoid them to waste time and that is a great point.

Descriptive link text
Given the fact that link text is descriptive of its destination, search engines attach much more importance on link text. For instance, If all the links pointing to a page about gadget say ‘click here’, then search engines would not be able to find out what the page is about without visiting it. However if all the links say, ‘gadget’ then it would be easier for search engines to guess what would be the contain of this page.

• No frames
Frames are not used anymore because it appears as quite a old-school technique as well the worst way to optimize web pages. Indeed, because of the frames, search engines cannot follow links that are in between, consequently it generates a low search engine ranking.

Quality content provided
At first, this requirement seems obvious and not that important however it is a vital factor too for internal SEO. In addition to looking at page content, search engines pay attention to text links that are pointing in to web pages. If a website has a lot of inbound links, its search rankings have more chances to be high.

If you are really keen to get more online success and make visitors stay longer in your website, just proceed to an complete internal SEO as detailed below, in addition to your google adwords campaign! Remember 3R is at your disposal for any queries, contact us right now for more usefull tips!

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