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September 9, 2009
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February 13, 2010
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How many millionaires will 2010 create?

During the great depression and crash back in 1929, it is said that more millionaires were created than in the preceding 10 years!

Does this mean that instead of looking at 2010 as a time of gnashing of teeth, that some people will knuckle down and lay the foundations for their future wealth and success?

Will you be one of them.

We can all sit around blaming the banks, NAMA, the government, the economy, the high cost of doing business in Ireland – or we can just get off our backside and do something about it.

Because you are the only person who can change your own destiny.

Einstein once famously said “the mind that created a problem can not solve it!” – so if you are finding that things are tough, that sales are down, that you can not cut costs anymore without destroying the very fabric of your company, maybe now is the time to do something.

Sure we can help at 3R, but maybe you need more specialised help, help that will come from a wider range of disciplines across sector and function.

So take a look at V2020 Consulting you might find that they can help you find that magic bullet, not only for survival, also for future growth.

It’s also worth noting that most millionaires are business owners, who think outside the box and also outside their own territory, through export!

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