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March 17, 2010
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April 7, 2010
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How Could Partnerships Help You Sell More?

The secret to getting magnified effect on your your marketing is to discover customers’ “watering hole”. You probably already know where all your customers must gather from time to time, just like the watering hole the hunter waits for the game beside.

There is an old saying which goes “You will catch more bees with honey than with vinegar”, so it probably makes sense to start thinking about what is the type of honey that will attract customers and where is the best place to put it, so they will find it.

Each of your customer groups will have one or more watering holes so it is your responsibility to know your customers well enough to understand precisely where or what those watering holes are.

Identify watering holes of your main customer groups, and find out how you could make contact with them.

If you want to get this really right, you might even call one or two customers and have a chat with them, so that the info you work with is based on reality.

This gives you an idea of where you could make contact with more prospects effectively. Later on in this manual, we will look at how you could approach these potential channel partners and start working with them in a mutually beneficial way.

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