Get More Referrals with Channel & Export Strategy


Channel StrategyExport Strategy IrelandIs your channel boosting your revenue figures like they could be? Would you like to develop your existing channels? To see what having better partners could do for your business, contact us today.


Take the next step to success now and get an experienced channel consultant in your company who can ensure your partners loyalty translates into profit.

What Will You Get with Channel and Export Strategy?

Successful companies understand that channel partners should be managed in the same way as your sales force. You need to give them attention, compensation and appropriate marketing assistance. Would you like to know how you could be doing better?

Would your company benefit from having their channel strategy assessed?

Only you know how important partners are to your strategy, however you may wish to consider looking at the benefits assign your channel strategy could bring if;

  • Your offerings could have their value considerably increased through a partner’s offerings; you could start to get higher margins.
  • You have customers that could gain from referring you to their customers that could open up new opportunities for you.
  • You are looking to expand nationally or internationally, your channel strategy needs to be very clearly defined.

Key Benefits

Has it ever occurred to you to that your partners could bring the following benefits?

  • Be a part of your sales team on commission only
  • Give you more referrals than you could handle
  • Open new market sectors for you
  • Add considerable value to your offering, thus making it easier to sell

Immediate benefits to you of having your existing channel strategy analysed

  • Know which partners you currently work with have the most potential for you
  • Be in a position to identify future partners
  • Know how to refocus your channel strategy to grow your sales
  • Understand whether your contracts are favouring maximum performance

How We Work with You

Having seen first hand, through working with hundreds of partners, what makes a channel relationship successful, 3R has developed a partner framework methodology that works.

  • First we will hold a ½ day workshop with the people responsible for; Running the business, sales, marketing, business partners and your product/services development to determine what each of you hope to gain from a boost in channel revenue.
  • Draw up a benchmarking questionnaire to use with your channel partners to see how they are performing against your requirements and industry best practices.
  • Interview a selection of these partners and some potential partners
  • Draw up a report of our findings and present them to you with a set of recommendations to enable you to plan a winning partner strategy.

Call phone-number now because you are not alone – many channel managers are finding it difficult to attract the right partners!