Can Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) help Your Marketing
December 21, 2007
What Will 2008 Bring?
January 16, 2008
Can Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) help Your Marketing
December 21, 2007
What Will 2008 Bring?
January 16, 2008
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Final Thoughts of 2007

Final thoughts of 20072007 is coming to its end soon and in a few days we will call it “last year”. Anyway, before we burry it thoroughly, let’s stop for a while. Is there anything that you could take to heart from this year? What did it bring that you would like to repeat in 2008? What did you learn that shouldn’t be forgotten? By contrast, what would you love to avoid in future?

Take a snapshot of 2007 and hang it on the wall. Jot down a few things worth remembering and place the list somewhere frequented so that you can contemplate it.

Moreover, only speak positively of the dead…

Just no new-year resolutions, please – we all have had enough of unkept promises of the previous years. This time, try to create something that will outlast your failures and procrastinations and help you move towards where you’d really like to be.

Create a plan.

Well, you don’t have to regurgitate 200 pages of a detailed scheme, where, what, who with etc. Instead, think practically and in the wider sense – you know yourself what areas matter to you most, I can only suggest a few:

  • Relationships
  • Profession
  • Health
  • Spirituality
  • Finance
  • Leisure etc.

A longer list could be made, I know. But I think setting simple goals in each of these could help you see next year this time, where you have moved. Of course, practise this only if you want to move somewhere; if you are happy as you are, just stay as you are and everything will be ok…

However, as a marketing fanatic, I would like to switch your concentration to your business as well.

Have you considered where your sales and your relationship with customers have gone over the past year? Do you at least monitor this? What about improving the status quo and get higher, do things better and become more successful? Again, if you are happy as you are also in your business and you don’t want to change anything, rather leave this post. Otherwise,

Create a marketing plan.

Indeed, this is an option to consider seriously once you really want to proceed. If you need any help, you know where to go.

Last but not least, if you are still sorry for the death of 2007, condolence with you, but now you should really forget about the past and enjoy fully the present moment, as we slowly sneak into 2008 which is, as every year, just for us to live it fully. And this is the right time to prepare for it!

By the way,

Happy New Year!

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