Kick-Start Your Marketing with a Proven Marketing Strategy


Business Marketing StrategyKickstart Marketing IrelandHave your own Marketing Message that magnetically attracts customer– combine that with an action based marketing plan, and all in 1 day – what’s stopping you? Contact us today.


A solid, proven strategy for marketing, will mean you get far more return, whatever size your budget is.Take the next step to success now and get more business – the business health check is FREE

What Will You Get with KickStart Marketing?

The one-day marketing makeover, you will wish you had done before! Business Owners want results, you want marketing that pays – and that is what you will get.

Business Owners want results, you want marketing that pays – and that is what you will get. Not only will you learn what to do to increase your business, we will tell you what to do and how to do it.

After creating a marketing message that will start attracting clients, like bees to honey, we will help you create your own action based marketing plan based on your budget and what you want to achieve in profit.

Once you have the plan, that will ensure your business grows, you can decide to do it all yourself or employ someone to help you – it’s that simple, it’s your choice.

Key Benefits

  • Effective business development strategy to enter or further expand your business
  • Knowledge that you are actually doing the right thing – sometimes you do need a second opinion
  • A third party verification that you can bring to the bank or investors to enable you to raise funds to expand
  • Discover immediately which products, territories and customers sets are unprofitable
  • Determine precisely how much your prices could increase while retaining your existing customers
  • You will know exactly what your customers’ expectations are and how they calculate the value of your offerings
  • Clearly understanding the value that your customers get from your offerings, could mean that you are charging way to little

How We Work with You

  1. Spend 15 mins on the phone with us.
  2. We will give you free expert advice and point out specifically how your business could improve.
  3. Based on the call you will see what is the best step for you to take.
  4. Many our clients decide to attend a one-to-one workshop after which they get anaction based marketing plan.
  5. Whatever decision you make now, after talking to us initially, you will watch your sales increase soon!


Call phone-number now because you are not alone – many people are finding it tough to attract more clients!