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November 3, 2013
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Why duplicate content is poison for a good page rank

ID-100107259Being original in terms of content writing is the most important rule you will ever hear. By copying another person’s work you not only do them a disservice by passing it off as your own but you will also gain a negative reputation in the online community as a fraud and a thief.  How could you take satisfaction in a piece of work knowing you had no creative input to it? Furthermore, this is not just a frowned upon activity but also an illegal one; just because it is not a physical item you are taking does not mean you aren’t stealing. This will be reflected in your Google rank page as they will be notified by vigilant users of your untrustworthy methods and thus place your side accordingly i.e. nowhere near the top searches if not completely taken down. To combat this here is some advice on how to avoid copyrighting infringements and create quality content that you can be proud of and which will also lead to a top page ranking:

  • Research – This is the key aspect to creating unrivaled content. Researching the topic at hand gives you a clear vision of what it is you’re writing about and allows you to determine your own thoughts on the subject matter. Once you have done this you are less likely to feel the need to steal others work as you are confident in your own ability.

  • Competitors – Looking at what your competitors are doing can give you a good insight into what type of content users are looking for. However, this should be seen as a foundation to build on for your own content rather than pieces of writing to steal and falsely advertise as your own.

  • Vigilant sites – There are sites such as Copyscape that cater for checking your content and making sure it is free from any plagiarism. It will enter keywords from your site into Google and see if similar results come up. This will ensure that you never ruin your reputation, knowingly or not.

In all forms of society it is the original people who stand out and get noticed. This is just as applicable in the online community where it is those who differ from the pack who become the most successful. It can be challenging to be unique in a small categorized market but if you put in the time and effort the rewards gained are endless.

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