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October 12, 2011
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Build 100s Links that Will Increase Your Ranking

Apart from your website content, another very important factor search engines use when ranking websites is the number and quality of links pointing to your website. This means, how many websites have a hyperlink to your website.

There are many to increase the number of links pointing to your website and here are the most common and most effective ways:

  • Exchanging links with other your related websites
  • Submitting your link to free or paid web directories
  • Submitting original articles with your tips to free article directories
  • Commenting on other your blogs
  • Creating social media profiles etc.

When building any type of link to your website, it is important to follow these rules:

  • The website’s content should be somehow relevant to your
  • Give priority to local websites if you are targeting a specific area
  • Make sure that the hyperlinked phrase is actually one of your main keywords, as opposed to your name or your company name
  • If you are asked to send somebody a HTML of the link you would like them to put on their website, make sure it is in this structure:


<a href=”” title=”Keyword1,Keyword2, Keyword3”>Keyword1</a>

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