October 10, 2006

What Do We Consume?

Hello, people! This week I decided to focuse a bit on customers. You know it is very important to know those who (will) use your product […]
October 3, 2006

How To Plan Your Future

Hello, people! You may know, there are 3 types of companies: 1. Those who forecast. 2. Those who respond to the stimuli. 3. Those who wonder […]
September 28, 2006


Hello, people! This is my first web log and I will write it for all marketing fanatics such as me. Having just started my 3-month intership […]
August 23, 2006


Have a look on this graphic – it is quite explicit. I found it by reading my favorite French Business magazine Capital. It is so unbelievable […]
August 5, 2006

Writing Expert Articles to gain customer trust

When you write articles or tip sheets that give people valuable advice, you start to build a relationship of trust. Many people are fearful of giving […]
July 25, 2006

Effective marketing

You can see marketing tactics in action everyday. Everytime you walk in the street, go shopping or travel, you are invaded by marketing. You see advertisings, […]
July 19, 2006

SEO marketing really helps your sales – we did it!

OK, time to do the wonga wonga victory dance For one month 3R sales and marketing has dominated the googol listings. If you type in we […]
July 12, 2006

Guerilla marketing – what’s that?

If you want to know more about guerilla marketing, I would advise you to go on the website www.gmarketing.com/articles/. I found some useful tips for SMEs […]
July 3, 2006

Develop unique business relationships – the Nike and Ipod partnering strategy

If you want to learn how to develop new revenue by making new partnerships, check out the strategic Nike+ iPod alliance. Mid July Nike+ iPod will […]