June 26, 2006

Effective competitors analysis

Competitive analysis is a significant tool for business, but it is so hard to know where to start!!! Why is a competitive analysis so useful? Well, […]
June 16, 2006

Learn from other businesses’ mistakes!

As a business employee or manager, you are probably aware of the importance of good business planning; but a recent example of poor planning shows just […]
June 6, 2006

By operating on Common Ground, with their prospects, Marketing messages have the greatest impact

All relationships start of based on the common ground the two entities inhabit. Personal relationships start when two people meet. They normally find out what they […]
June 2, 2006

Don’t neglect your After Sales Service

Hi! This week has been a wonderful week, very sunny and very busy! We have completed a new free sales and marketing assessment for a new […]
May 26, 2006

How to be a Super-Star in Sales

So what does it take to be a super star in IT sales? This article will examine the key ingredients required to assure success in IT […]
May 26, 2006

What is SEO?

Hello, I have been working a lot about my guide about Google and Yahoo advertising campaigns this week! I realized that it was not an easy […]
May 22, 2006

How to improve your website

Hi! Nina and I have been working on the new structure of 3R website (that you will likely see very soon!). I realized that the structure […]
May 17, 2006

a Lesson in True perserverance

I got a fantastic lesson in perseverance the other day from my 5 year old daughter, Jade She wanted to tight-rope walk across this 10 foot […]
May 12, 2006

What are your sales numbers, what should you track

When we compete we like to keep score. The same is true of business and especially in sales. So what should you track. First track your […]