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November 7, 2006
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November 26, 2006
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A Website That Will Bring Your Business Up

A Website That Will Bring Your Business Up

Hello, people!

This week I decided to introduce you our website I have been working on recently.

Relaunched just on November 3, 2006, it has pretty much to offer. The clean layout will immediately draw your eye to the left side with testimonials which proof the expertise of the company and their clients’ contentment.

The website is especially unique due to the rich content of marketing, sales and leadership articles written by Peter, founder of 3R Sales and Marketing, which will in few minutes open you dozens of new views on what you do. No boring phrases, no empty long definitions! Everything is clearly described, so that also a non-marketing specialist will understand and be able to see how to apply this stuff in his particular business. That is the deliverable of the website. However, to go further, you can assign for a regular e-mail newsletter, let check your business’s health (Business Health Check) or even contact us to help you understand our ideas in more detail and with respect to your current situation.

How did we manage to create such an interesting „webspace“? We followed one of the practics they recommend to our own clients. The steps are here:

  1. Aim at: What’s in it for your visitors?
  2. The content of your website should be credible and original
  3. Know your target audience intimately
  4. Update your website regularly
  5. Be clear and concise, with easy to read pages
  6. Make your navigation easy
  7. Urge people to take action
  8. Use graphics sparingly to convey information
  9. Collect information from your visitors, to ensure your content is relevant

You can view the whole article about 10 must-haves of your website if you click here.

We do not leave the knowledge for ourselves, but we offer it to all of you… for free!
So why not to use this opportunity and get from it as much as possible?

Let me now invite you to get through the pages and enjoy the beauty of powerful learning! Please feel free to give any positive or negative feedback on the site.

So that is all for now, enjoy your life and next week I am back again with something new for me and maybe also for you!


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