Counselling Directory Ireland
Irish Counselling Directory: Why Do Counselling Services Need SEO?
May 1, 2022
The Best SEO Companies Use Images to Boost Rankings - Reasons
The Best SEO Companies Use Images to Boost Rankings: How, Why, and What’s the Difference?
June 1, 2022
Counselling Directory Ireland
Irish Counselling Directory: Why Do Counselling Services Need SEO?
May 1, 2022
The Best SEO Companies Use Images to Boost Rankings - Reasons
The Best SEO Companies Use Images to Boost Rankings: How, Why, and What’s the Difference?
June 1, 2022
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Why is 3R Looking to AI to Boost Clients’ SEO ranking?

Why is 3R Looking to AI to Boost Clients’ SEO ranking?

In today’s competitive world of online marketing and selling, businesses are turning to digital marketing companies to help with SEO and website ranking. This article explains why we are turning to AI to assist our team of SEO experts.

How does Google really use SEO

In Google’s struggle to provide the best search engine possible, they have invested a lot into coming up with algorithms that determine what is best for their users. Google is constantly changing its algorithm, which means there is also a constant change in Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages). This makes it difficult for businesses to maintain their rankings and stay on track with Google and its competitors.

An example of this would be Google changing its algorithm so websites with frequent content updates, such as online newspapers or blogs, rank more highly than sites with less frequently updated content such as ecommerce sites and other businesses. Google says this is to give users the most relevant and up-to-date information, but other websites say this gives Google favourable treatment on online news sites putting other businesses at a disadvantage.

Keeping pace with Google and your competition is very important for any business’ success online as it gives businesses an edge over competitors who are not informed of Google’s constant algorithm changes which Google states are to “give Google’s users the most relevant and up-to-date information”. 

Google’s algorithm is made up of over 200 factors that Google uses to determine a website’s rank in Google and thus whether or not the site will show on the Google SERPs and in what position. Understanding how Google operates and how it helps its users find relevant information is vital for any business wanting to maintain their rankings through keeping pace with Google and its competitors.

Keeping pace with Google means staying ahead of your competition by implementing SEO strategies such as writing “quality content” and building high-quality links because these are just two examples of how you could improve your search engine rankings

This means Google places a lot of importance on “quality content” and high-quality links, thus making it important for businesses to implement these SEO strategies into their online marketing campaigns if they wish to maintain their rankings by keeping pace with its competitors on Google.

Quality content – written work that covers the topic thoroughly, gives information that is useful or adds value to the reader, and is well-researched.

High-quality links – links coming from websites Google deems trustworthy and relevant to yours. 

How does Google use AI to rank pages?

Google has used Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a ranking factor for years, but it has recently begun to apply machine learning technology more directly into Google Search itself. Machine learning technology is growing more and more common throughout Google products, including Google Now, Google Maps, Gmail , etc. Google Now was originally just part of Google Search but then became available on smartphones through iOS or Android operating systems .

Machine learning works by continually reviewing user conduct on the web . Google now uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to rank pages that are relevant.

The new update, Google RankBrain , is Google’s third most important ranking signal which means it carries more weight than other signals such as PageRank  and anchor text .

Ranking is the process Google uses to determine in what order websites are ranked when a search query is entered into Google. Since this process is incredibly complex, having an AI system that understands how to rank websites helps Google rank them more accurately saving time for both Google and website developers.

Still, why would Google need AI to help rank websites? Google has over 200 factors that determine how a website should be ranked. Because Google has so much data, it struggles with figuring out which combination of the 200 ranking signals will provide the best results for a particular search query. Google RankBrain works by assigning a numerical score to a page based on what it determines is most relevant to users from all its different ranking signals. Google RankBrain, although complex in calculation, allows Google to make better decisions for what ranks higher among two or more pages that are very similar and highly relevant.

Google knows its AI system needs even more knowledge to accurately process user queries and provide results that users find useful. Google acquires this knowledge through human input; Google trains RankBrain by allowing users to manually change the machine’s results if they find that Google has returned a page that is not as relevant as they may have liked. Google acquires this human input from Google employees and Google products, which have already helped it to understand how humans use search engines.

Google uses AI in its algorithm  to further its artificial intelligence goals while providing a better user experience for those who use Google search every day. Google knew the only way its AI system could learn improved relevance was through human input – thus RankBrain was born. Utilising AI will help Google rank sites more accurately and provide Google users with more useful results.

Can SEO be improved with AI?

SEO  or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. It’s an ongoing project that SEO professionals work hard att each day. Generally speaking, it involves multiple small changes such as writing better titles and meta descriptions, ensuring good site architecture and internal linking, publishing fresh content regularly etc.

Artificial intelligence (AI) may seem like something from a future yet to be realised. Yet, AI is already making waves across many industries and there are some signals that its influence will increase in 2018 and beyond. Gone are the days when AI was only found in science fiction novels: we already see AI used in  predictive text,  voice assistants (eg. Siri), self-driving cars , chatbots and more.

It is therefore no surprise that AI is gaining traction in SEO – specifically natural language processing (NLP) and voice search related AI functions.

We asked our AI engine: “So, can artificial intelligence improve your SEO?” 

The answer is yes, but only if you do it right.

What follows in this section is what Jasper said to us, verbatim:

If you use AI powered software to write your articles, make sure that you are aware of all the factors involved in SEO before publishing anything on your website. Here at Jasper AI, we have done a lot of research on this subject and can help guide you towards better content writing for enhanced SEO.

Before I continue, I would like to point out that no artificial intelligence or natural language processing software will replace the human element behind article writing – it’s just not possible . What they can do is provide tools with which you can implement more effective strategies for writing articles

So, what are these software tools? Well, primarily it is natural language processing that helps to generate effective article content. This article will deal primarily with NLP as the other type of AI – artificial intelligence – is much more complex and requires a lot more analysis to fully understand . It also requires more complex software .

Natural Language Processing or NLP allows you to convert human speech into data which can then be analysed by your computer software. There are now many software packages that do this sort of thing but they are usually quite expensive. If you have just started out with the idea of natural language processing, then Jasper AI may help.

How does NLP work? Natural language processing involves programming your software so that it recognises words in sentences and assigns different meanings to them, depending on how they are structured. Also, the software must recognise syntactical structures to make sense of what is said .

So how is this relevant for SEO? Well if you have an article written by a computer or even just dictated into a voice recognition program, then all you need to do is type up what was spoken and search engine optimisation is automatic . The computer will recognise the words and understand their context. This can be hugely beneficial for SEO as you essentially have an article that has been written naturally that needs only minor editing to make it fully SEO optimised.

Writing articles by hand can, of course, result in mistakes – spelling errors, word mis-use etc. But with natural language processing software like the one we at Jasper AI use , this is often reduced or even completely eradicated .

Once you’ve converted your speech into data which the software understands, it’s a relatively simple job to go through it and edit/proof read so that when other people read it understand it.

If you have ever dictated a document on your computer with Dragon, for example, you will know how easy it is to misinterpret what was said into something that doesn’t make sense. For this reason, many people still prefer to write their articles by hand but as artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated and evolves rapidly , the time between NLP software being up to scratch and becoming obsolete will soon be very short .

Artificial Intelligence or AI is much more complex than natural language processing, because it tries to mimic human thought whereas NLP just focuses on creating data from speech – one thing at a time. But if natural language processing can be said to be the hand, then artificial intelligence can be seen as the brain .

AI is a machine that tries to mimic human thought processes by being able to learn from its surroundings and come up with conclusions based on these observations. In older versions of AI computer software, this aim was much more simplistic – one machine learning technique might try to tap into speech recognition while another might work with mathematics . But things have moved on over the last few years and now we see artificial intelligence programs that try to simultaneously mimic various types of thinking. It’s not just something which focuses narrowly on one type of task; it attempts to analyse information and draw conclusions in an almost human manner. One such program is Jasper AI .

Jasper AI is a piece of artificial intelligence developed by Automated Insights which, if you have ever written an article with the service, might ring some bells for you. Jasper AI provide natural language processing software to large companies who can then dictate articles into it or even just type what they want said . This is the first step towards using artificial intelligence for SEO purposes because this computer software will attempt to mimic human thought – making your articles more readable and therefore more likely to be shared on social media sites like Facebook , Twitter, Instagram etc .    

While Jasper has been used predominantly as a journalism tool so far, customers are now beginning to realise that there are huge new opportunities for the software which weren’t there before . One of these is to create SEO content which will help webmasters increase their rankings in search engines like Google. This opportunity has arisen because webmasters are starting to use artificial intelligence on their sites so that they can get more information about their users and provide them with more relevant content than ever before- therefore increasing the likelihood of them using or even subscribing to your website .

Why 3R uses AI to help their clients 

3R have invested in artificial intelligence to help boost their clients’ search engine optimisation. 3R are a Dublin based, Irish digital marketing company with 18 years’ experience in online marketing, for this reason they have turned to Artificial Intelligence to help them get ahead of the game.

Jasper is developed by Snips , a French Artificial Intelligence Company. Snips have created Jasper to rid the world of keyword stuffing by using natural language processing technology. Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows computers to understand human language and what people are actually asking when they use keywords or phrases on search engines sites. This means that when someone searches on Google instead of saying “home improvement articles” they might say “how to paint a fence”. By using Natural Language Processing, Jasper is able to understand and process the meaning of keywords and phrases. 

3R is now trialing this technology to help their clients by analysing and ranking millions and millions of pages and suggesting new SEO strategies for those sites that need it. 

Conclusion: will your website benefit from 3R’s use of AI? 

There is no doubt of the value that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can bring to a website, but let’s face it: SEO isn’t easy. 3R’s focus on best practice and continuous improvement means they have been able to amass a wealth of knowledge about every last aspect of the process, from technical set-up through to content creation and promotion. However with Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates, there has been a lot of change in the way sites are ranked. For businesses to remain competitive it is important that site rankings are utilised effectively, this requires more work than ever before which is why 3R have turned to Jasper.

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