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October 22, 2007
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What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEODid you know that bad search engine optimisation techniques can get you blacklisted from a search engine? Some techniques that are considered spam are cloaking, invisible text, tiny text, identical pages, doorway pages, refresh tags, link farms, filling comment tags with keyword phrases only, keyword phrases in the author tag, keyword density to high, mirror pages and mirror sites. While these techniques might work to give you a higher ranking for short time in the long run they will hurt you.

Therefore we recommend you rather avoid the following:

  • Doing anything to trick the search engines. If what you are doing is not listed as one of the previous “white hat SEO” the search engines will likely view it as spam and penalise you.
  • List keywords anywhere except in your keywords meta tag. It is thus not usual to name keywords alone without any other “sentence stuffing”. Search engines know this and will consider you spamdexing.
  • Use the same colour text on your page as the page’s background colour. This has been used by some people to stuff their web pages with keywords, which is not a clear practice. Search engines are able to detect this and view it as spam.
  • Use the same meta tag more than once on the same web page, for example using more than one title tag.
  • Use any keywords in your keywords meta tag that do not relate to the content of your website.

So Can SEO Hurt My Website? 

Believe it or not, basic SEO is all about common sense and simplicity. The purpose of search engine is to make a website as search-engine-friendly as possible. It’s really not that difficult. Basic SEO doesn’t require specialised knowledge of algorithms, programming and taxonomy but it does require a basic understanding of how search engines work.

Create good content and do your homework when creating your keyword lists and landing pages. In this way you will always be ahead of the game and hopefully, ahead of your competitors.

And one of the things you may start to become aware of when you decide to book our unique explode your website to the top of google service, is how easy it is to spend a very small amount of money to get truly magnificent returns.

I won’t know if this matters to you, until you decide to book this service and sit back and watch the business rolling in. In fact whether or not you decide to explode your website to the top of google, is a decision that only you can make.

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