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October 3, 2006
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October 17, 2006
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What Do We Consume?

Hello, people!What Do We Consume?

This week I decided to focuse a bit on customers. You know it is very important to know those who (will) use your product – what is their motivation to buy from you?

Namely I learned an important thing about customer value. Before I thought that when you are selling e. g. boring machines, people are not particularly interested in these heavy metal tools but they want to have holes in their walls, so finally, it is the holes they are buying. Nevertheless, the issue goes even further – they do not want the holes because – what could be a use of such a nasty empty hole on your wall – they want to hang a reproduction of Mona Lisa in their living room. So when you sell boring machines try to think about (or better: ask them!) what your customers want to do with your product. Then, based on this knowledge, you will be able to understand their values, speak their language and get better sales results. (Now you at least know the link between Mona Lisa and boring machine.)

Another for me very interesting fact is that in recent times people have used to assess themselves according to what they consume. In the street you can meet various styles of clothing, eating, entertaining and living. Life style is generated especially through what we consume – what clothes you wear, what food you eat, what TV programmes you watch, which pub you visit on Friday evening etc. We judge people like this. If you want to look better in the eyes of somebody else you automatically try changing your consumption: your clothes, food, car, accommodation etc. Isn’t that interesting? So now it is not so important what you can do but which brands you use. This is for the first view. Maybe it could be a good tip when thinking about your new brand image campaign – try to build up your products and especially your brand image with the fact that your customers could be assessed based on it. And be sure that they will be careful by choosing the right brand for their image, to suit their personality.

These are the things I have been thinking about this week. Apart from that I had the opportunity to perform the following:

• 3R website editing (sitemap generating, layout editing, articles uploading)
• Learning about – the DIY E-mail Marketing Tool
• Learning about Google Programmes – Adsense, Ads
• Improving my knowledge of Macromedia Dreamweawer
• Learning how to use Smart Draw
• Reading about Ireland in general terms – enonomy, demography, etc.
• Listening to Peter assessing a company on the phone.

The last thing seems maybe a little bit ridiculous but you would look at it in a different way if you participated. It was like a company health check and Peter was a doctor. According to the answers to his questions he proposed the company many valuable action points. Now I know that when I work somewhere at a marketing department I would try to apply most of the things he proposes to his clients or even prospects. Maybe once I will write here something more about that…

That is all for now, enjoy your life and next week I am back again with something new for me and maybe also for you!



  1. anna says:

    really good again…

    I especially like the link between Mona lisa and drilling maschine 🙂

    keep going like that…

  2. anna says:

    actually, I was just thinking…

    who is going to buy a drilling maschine? somebody who wants a hole in the wall for reproduction of Mona Lisa? I am not sure about that… If I need a hole for the picture I will just borrow the maschine, you know… I think that customers who buy such a machines are working with them daily and are really interested in them (although it is so difficult to imagine for us – non machine-friendly people :-)))

  3. anna says:

    thanks for the reaction Simona…

    i just wanted to tease you little bit 🙂 i absolutely agree with your main point – you have to know your customers and always ask them about their real needs…

    looking forward to your next blog… enjoy your week…

  4. Simona says:

    OK Anna, you are absolutely right, of course. However, that was just an example and I did not mean it thoroughly literally. The “customers” here could be understood in broader way – they do not have to be your direct customers. It is possible that you involve into the process of satisfying their need for a hole also the professional “drillers” who are the mediators of your product benefit.
    But if there were no Mona Lisas these professionals would also be without their job. So finally, it is still the need, want or pain that makes people buy your products.