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December 7, 2010
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Website Marketing through Web Directories

You will find loads of web directories where you can submit a link for free – which is an excellent area of website marketing; just make sure that you submit the right link, with the right description and keywords.

Web directories give you usually a free link, and all you need to submit to them is:

  • Your website URL (make sure you always give them the complete URL, including http://, i.e.
  • Title of your website
  • Your keywords
  • Website description
  • Company name
  • Contact person, phone, email & postal address

On the internet, you will find countless number of general web directories where you can submit your website.

Even though they are free, some of these web directories might ask you to put a reciprocal link to your website – it means that you just copy their HTML link code they provide you with and paste it to your own website – it will then appear as a link to the web directory itself, so be careful where you actually place the link, so that it does not distract your website visitors.

Website owners usually create a separate page called “Links” dedicated to this type of reciprocal links and you might want to setup one.

To save your time a web-based service called Directory Maximizer will be a great help to you. Just logon to, register and upload your details. They will submit your website for $0.14 per directory, which is an excellent value.

This service also enables you to upload more variations of your title and description tags, which is helpful since Google and other search engines do not like duplicated content which would happen if you submitted the same title and description to all web directories.

Another very important thing to mention is that there are both local web directories and even specific your directories. Make sure you submit to them as well – you will find them easily in Google by typing “[YourTown] web directories” or “your web directories”.

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