Value Propostion and SEO: Key elements for attracting customers and visitors!

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February 27, 2008
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April 2, 2008
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Value Propostion and SEO: Key elements for attracting customers and visitors!

I Have been working now for 3 weeks at 3R. It is a great experience after having travelled to Mexico, Canada and England I really enjoy my time here and feel quite good in Ireland.

I am sorry I am late writing my first post but I had to organize all my stay looking for a flat, a PPS number, opening a bank account, etc…

I will do all my best to share with you my experience and to emphasize that e-marketing is really for any company. I had the opportunity to work for different businesses in different countries, and each time I realized that sales and marketing were extremely significant to run your business and to improve it.

Since I have started to work for 3R, my conviction is that is you have to provide your customer a great Value Proposition. In other words, you should target what your customer needs and bring it to him. It does not matter how efficient you are in any field the main thing is that you know what you customer expects to offer him what he needs via a great value proposition! Sometimes a cheaper service is not always the most attractive so you have to focus on the value of your offer saying to your customer « I have what exactly you need, are you ready to pay such amount for that » every good job has a price! Everyone thinks «cheap=bad quality » « expensive=sensational »! Value proposition combined with a good e-marketing policy become a key element to run a business.

Another tip to attract more customers is Search Engine Optimization! Attracting customers means that you have what exactly they were expecting, it looks like you are unique, however, if you tend to make cold calls to look for them they might think « oh god, this guy definitively needs money so he has not had what I need what I want he is just looking for money! » So if you really pay attention to SEO you could have great results! Why SEO can change you life? Because when a website is « optimized », it will appear among the first results in every Search Engine like Google or Yahoo, for instance you sell shoes made in Ireland, I am a customer from France looking for Irish Shoes so the first thing I go to internet let’s say Google to look for some suppliers and I type « irish shoes » and guess what?I have found your company as a first or second result I click on it, your website looks great, your value proposition too, so I will contact you!! Now imagine thousands of companies doing the same thing every day… It could be very interesting. In order to explain you how to proceed, I am going to quote an ex-marketing intern who gives the right explanation:

There are six components which determine your ranking on search engines: Site title — since some directories, including Yahoo, only search titles. It is the most powerful SEO technique you have, so use it creatively!

  • Site quality and content — its usefulness/comprehensiveness. Create content that’s related to your market.
  • Right keywords. Use your keywords on the web page, as “content is the king”.
  • Site popularity — as determined by the number, quality and type of linked pages. Most search engines don’t even consider web sites if there is not at least one or two links pointing to the web site.
  • Insite Cross Linking – Get all of your web pages indexed by the search engines by implementing your sitemap. Your web pages should be no more than three clicks away from the home page. On every page you should link back to your home page and your main service(s) or product (s).

Do not even think that Google is a useless search engine that has just one function! You are wrong, thanks to this website you could organise a campaign and boost your traffic, are you surprised by what I have just said? Oh, man, you can use one of the severals Google services like « pay per click », that guarantees you to appear on the first page of result on the right as a « sponsored link » and every time anyone cliks on it you will have to pay Google a meaningless amount regarding what you can really get from that! To manage your marketing campaign you have « Google statistics » which is a Service offering traffic measurement and interactive reporting for small and large sites, which includes visitor tracking, navigation analysis so that you could see how many visitors have contacted and reached the « THANK YOU PAGE » then this appears in your conversion rate if you have a huge conversion rate that means a lot of people contacted that is fun, isn’t it?… You also can see which keywords bring you more results and which ones are useless… I really recom0end this tool even for novices!

So as a part of 3R’s SEO I have been submitting many of Peter’s articles in order to optimize our website and lead the main Search Engine to find us easily – smart, isn’t it? I am currently working with Simona on, learning how to use it – once I get it, I will explain you for sure!

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  1. This is really amazing, Youcef, this way you will become an SEO expert very soon and I wish you have a great time during your internship!