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July 16, 2007
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August 5, 2007
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Turn Your Visitors into Buyers

Turn Your Visitors into Buyers

Hello people,

Last week I have written about the right keywords. Once you have created your keyword list, it is essential to create landing pages which contain these keywords. This is a crucial step to get conversions. A conversion is when a customer buys your products or signs up for a newsletter or takes any action you would like him to take.When your landing page does not include the keyword your customer typed in when looking for your services, it is not very likely that he keeps browsing your website. Moreover, it is recommended that you create a separate landing page for each of your keyword, or combination of keywords. Each of your PPC ads should point at a relevant landing page. So how to make your landing pages bring you actual sales?

Content is KingCreate useful and comprehensive content that’s related to your market to keep your visitors there. Adding keyword-rich text that makes sense and serves the concept of the web page improves your ranking and keeps your visitors interested. The more text, the better for search engine spiders when they index a website; it is strongly recommended that your homepage has at least 200-300 “visible” words. Moreover, the search engine spiders crawl especially the first 20 words of your website so try to keep an eye on them and make them really relevant to what your site is about.

In addition, valuable, dense and regularly updated content is one of the most important items you need for your website because visitors who stay longer while visiting a website help measure popularity of the site in the search engines. When creating content for your landing page, you should pay attention to the following elements:

The Purpose of Your Landing PageThe first step when creating your langing page should be setting a goal you want to achieve. What is it that you want your visitors to do? This could be one of the following:

1. Buy a product
2. Sign up a newsletter
3. Download a free trial
4. Read an article
5. Do a survey
6. Participate in a competition

List the Real BenefitsWhen you know the purpose of your landing page, you should give your visitors a REASON to move towards the goal. Remember, it is not your goal that they will follow; in fact, people are always looking for what is in it for THEM.

To achieve this, always list benefits of your products or services; not features. The difference is that benefits mean something valuable to the consumer while features are just descriptions of your product characteristics. Nobody cares so much about what material you used when creating the product, or what the technical parametres are. Usually, what matters to them is what problems your product can solve, and more importantly, how they will benefit from buying and using it.

In addition, websites offering products that managed to fix a problem usually get highest conversion rates. Moreover, try to use “you” more often than “I” or “we”. Remember: Your customers don’t care about you at all. The only thing they are looking for is what is in it for them.

Include a Call to ActionOnce you have decided what you want your visitors to do and after revealing all the benefits they get, it is crucial to tell them what to do next. It must be crystal clear what they need to do:

1. Click here to order your SEO eBook now.
2. Sign up for the Success! Newsletter here.
3. Press Enter to continue. Etc.

In order to make a call to action more catchy and attention gaining, there is one smart trick: use the red colour always you want to highlight something to be clicked on. However, do not overdo it, since when your website is red on its whole, the particular spots will not stand out.

Keep it SimpleIn order to keep your visitors focused on the steps you want them to take, keep all possible distractions away. This means your landing page should not be stuffed with links that will direct them away from the page. The only links your landing page should contain are those in line with your goal: links to your order pages, newsletter sign up forms, etc.

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