Fix My Back John Prendergast, founder of this website, is a fully qualified physical therapist who provides a versatile professional service operating from his Dublin city clinic but can also travel to meet clients who are unable to visit here.

A master of chiropractic with a background in functional osteopathy, acupuncture and rehabilitation, John is able to help with a variety of injuries, strains and stresses using his modern treatments. This means far more than just hands on therapy he also analyses the client’s physical condition and gives advice for efficient body maintenance to prevent future problems from occurring.

When John came to us he needed help generating more hits to his website as SEO was not something he was too familiar with. The expertise was there in terms of his professional capabilities but we needed to turn this into online content that would catch the user’s eyes. Since the website catered for people suffering from physical pain we needed to ensure there was content for each area of the body that people may Google for answers on treatment. These would of course include specific keywords, descriptive SEO titles for high hit rates, and being a medical field would include client testimonials.

John now has a trustworthy site that puts prospective clients at ease with the use of descriptive information about services, personal details about his own education and background, and a section dedicated to offering free, quick treatments for users.

The next step will be to help John’s site to start ranking high in Google receiving much more hits than competitors in the market. By using our performance reports with the use of Google Analytics we will be able to measure the volume of leads he is receiving and amount of sales he is making as opposed to before our association.

Thanks to 3R, my website now looks much better, with relevant and updated marketing information on what exactly I do for my clients.John Prendergast, owner,