Quigley Preservation Ltd.Quigley Preservation Ltd. is a property maintenance contractor specialising in the preservation of buildings and has been in operation for over half a century. The main services on offer are remedial timber treatment, damp-proofing, mould removal and waterproofing of both old and new structures.

The business, located in South County Dublin, is family owned making it trustworthy and reliable which has led to it gaining a respectable reputation in the community. They not only provide the aforementioned services but also a choice of methods which the customer can pick from i.e. ecological or traditional approaches. On top of this the materials used are always top-of-the-line in terms of quality and function.

When you contact them you get more than just a list of options you also gain advice on preventative tactics to keep your property in good condition.

The fact that they have been in business for so long has meant needing to modernise with the times. With the introduction of the internet and its function nowadays within society the company has needed an online presence that will keep them sustainable and not left behind. When they got in touch with us here at 3R they were looking for help in having their website generate high hit rates which could then turn into positive leads. We were of course able to help and started by introducing quality content that would show immediately in Google searches of similar topics. This was done in conjunction with standard SEO methods such as keyword optimisation and relevant SEO titles.

A blog was the next obvious step and by providing informative articles with inserted meta tags it created links between online users searching preservation queries and the company’s website. Since then Quigley Preservation has experienced an increase in both ranking and sales which makes us extremely proud.

Working with 3R enables us greater focus on our business while our website and other online activities are being looked after. It’s amazing to see the progress month by month.Darren Quigley, MD, Quigley Preservation Ltd.