Easy Buy Car Parts

EasyBuyCarParts are a large online retailer of car parts and accessories who offers a wide range of products and services; free delivery, secure payment, competitive prices, expert advice, guaranteed full refunds and easy site navigation. The site offers a list of the accessories available but also gives information on how to install certain items that require DIY assembly.

The business operates completely on an order and delivery process which means generating sales from SEO is imperative. Having said this, prior to contacting 3R the site was not experiencing the desired results it had hoped for and needed a revamp.

How 3R Helped with SEO and Online Sales

Here at 3R we were able to analyse the structure and design in order to conclude what changes needed to occur. We could see that their content was not SEO focused meaning a lack of keywords and relevant headlines existed in their site to match them to Google searches. By creating user friendly content that focused on popular queries in relation to car parts we could generate better Google rankings and increase site hits. Getting the hits is one thing but ensuring users stay on the site and even purchase goods is another problem. This requires quality content with detailed information along with trustworthy signs like payment logos and contact details.

After hiring 3R do work on our SEO and Google Ads campaigns, our website has experienced a large growth in sales and page hits evident from the conversion tracking which was set up to trace customer activity.Conor Cosgrave, MD, EasyBuyCarParts.ie