CREMe Software’s Mission

Regulators, Safety Authorities, Food Companies, Personal Care Product manufacturers and chemical manufacturers all need to easily and accurately evaluate exposure levels of consumers to chemicals, contained either in the product, or in the packaging around the product.

CREMe provides accurate information on exposure levels of consumers in two main areas:Food Safety & Nutrition and Cosmetics and Personal Care Product Safety. This is achieved using state of the art, on demand software, supported by high performance computing, that enables users manipulate complex data sets and models, easily and efficiently, as never before.

Why CREMe turned to 3R Sales and Marketing

Designing and building a product requires a different skill set to marketing and selling it. CREMe had come to realise, that while we had a number of trials underway, through our existing contacts, we were not closing sales the way we wanted to.

How CREMe is benefiting from 3R

We now have a clear proposition and message to each of the market segments that we serve. Our website is customer focused, clearly addressing our prospects needs and pains. We have leads blossoming from a variety of different marketing activities which we have embarked on under the guidance of 3R. Interestingly, we have not had huge advertising budgets; rather we have been smart in the activities we are pursuing to accurately target our prospective clients, by being perceived as thought leaders in the industry.

What was so special about the approach 3R?

Our experience with other consultants has been one where a report and maybe a strategy is developed with no follow-up. With 3R, we have contact each week. While we have a clear strategy, knowing what to say to a decision maker, in a meeting or on the phone can be difficult. Peter not only helps us design “open ended” specific questions that we use, he has even joined us in 3-way conversations to help clinch some deals.


“As a software company providing a solution to benefit the food and cosmetics industry, it can sometimes be difficult to reach the decision makers with the correct message. Peter Lawless from 3R Sales and Marketing has been mentoring CREMe Software for 6 months and we now have some significant wins with both regulators and industry as well as a solid strategy for continued growth.” Cronan McNamara , CEO