Stop trying to sell your products and be aware of what a customer really needs!

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May 30, 2008
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June 6, 2008
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Stop trying to sell your products and be aware of what a customer really needs!

Nowadays every company seems to use the same marketing tools they always looks for the best ones which is usually the same one! That is why they make me feel bored because Everytime when I walk in the street, go shopping or travel, I am invaded by the same uninteresting marketing strategy. You see advertisings, you get flyers, you receive promotional vouchers…however you could learn great lessons of how catching customers attractions based on efficient marketing actions

I am going to give you a very simple example. After the first European football game last week end, I felt an urgent need to the national French shirt. I saw some football ad on the street, and went directly to their direction.

As I walked past the first sports shop, I noticed that it was full of message like “50% discount” and suddenly the salesman came to me saying that “Oh you do not have to miss the opportunity of cheap international football shirt” he was not aware of what really I needed and I really did not like that is why I went away. I continued walking and I approached a second vendor, who asked with a big smile: how are you my friend??Have you seen the last crazy football game? I was enthustic because first he catched my attention with something else than his product then he told me “As we are fans of football I got what really you are looking for, you will find a huge array of shirts you always dream of” it was a such great approach that I felt confident and I bought one shirt. A sale was made. Why?? Because the second vendor knew more about effective marketing than the first one. He did not focus on what he have but he made me feel that he knew myself and what I really need by saying “You” and then I felt that he was involved in my search of need by using “We”!it sounds simple and silly but nobody does it!

Morality: Customers buy things they want from people they know, like and trust! If you want your customers to like you, and buy from you, then treat them as though they are the most important people in the world. Stop selling your product.

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