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September 30, 2016
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How to save money on SEO

Improving your search engine ranking can be a huge undertaking. It requires time and money and knowledge. But while SEO is no easy feat for your small business, you can boost your SEO with the tiniest budget by understanding some of these small changes that make the biggest impact on your efforts.

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Establish Measurements and Goals Ahead of Time

By developing a plan regarding expectations for your SEO efforts, you can make adjustments and begin to learn more about the small steps that can improve your ranking.
Develop a plan for what you would like to accomplish with SEO and improved rankings on search engines like Google. Are you looking for your audience to complete forms? Download content? Are you merely looking for boosted traffic or branding? Creating a plan for what you and your team are looking to achieve can keep expectations in line and help you make changes that are relevant to your business so you can achieve the conversions you desire. Some of the conversions you may be interested in utilising as you analyse results include:

• Phone calls
• Emails
• Leads
• Content downloads and form completes
• Demos

Pro tip: Track phone calls that are tied to your SEO efforts by using a tracking phone number.

Utilise Your Own Expertise

You know your company and your industry better than most. You know your clients and customers, your prospects and your repeat advocates. Tap into your own knowledge and write you own content to save your budget for content promotion and editing. Don’t fancy yourself a writer? Develop an outline of content so you can save your writer time (and in turn create cost savings).

Find the Right SEO Company for Your Needs

You wouldn’t choose the first employee you interviewed for a position, would you? Likewise, interviewing and shopping for the right SEO agency or firm for your specific needs and project is vital to your SEO success. In addition to shopping based on price and requesting quotes for the specified work set to be achieved, compare what that spend will actually get you. While it may be enticing to choose the cheapest firm, take the time to compare what each agency will actually be providing you in terms of work for that price.

Work Smarter with Less Competitive Keywords

When considering your industry, it can be tempting to think of the top keywords. What are the top keywords your audience might search in relation to your business or service? While those keywords are great to optimize your site for over the long term, beginning with longer tail keywords (which may receive less searches but can still result in high quality business) can be a good first step for seeing your SEO improve quickly and more easily. You may not be able to compete with larger, big budget companies targeting the most common keywords, but you will see more immediate results with a tighter budget by targeting keywords that may be overlooked.

Track Your Progress

Hop on a monthly phone call with your SEO company to discuss the results you’re seeing. By providing them with your feedback, they’ll be able to adjust accordingly. In addition, you’ll be given the opportunity to discuss new keywords and make updates to keywords that are not helping you achieve the goals you established in our first suggestion. Want to learn more about how to save on your SEO? Call us today!

To learn more about Our SEO Services please call us now on 019609023.

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