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September 9, 2011
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Reading Google Analytics Reports in 6 Steps

Google Analytics, or any other tool that measures yoru website’s performance, are vital for success in search engine optimisation:

  • Go to Google Analytics and log in with your Google account. In the dashboard you can see a weekly or monthly overview, or any date range you choose.
  • In the site usage area you can see the number of visits, page views, pages per visit, bounce rate (when a visitor didn’t look at any other page, just the landing page), the average time on the website and the percentage of new visits. Anyway you can choose the period of time you want to check clicking just above the graphic.
  • You can also check the traffic sources overview (if they come from search engines, direct traffic or referring sites).
  • In Visitors section (left menu) you can also check visitor trending, location, browsers they used, language or loyalty.
  • Clicking on absolute unique visitors you can check how many people have visited the website.
  • In Traffic Sources – Keywords (left menu) you can check which keywords people have been searching for to get to your website.

However, Google Analytics do not limit themselves only on the above. If you are looking to learn more about this amazing free online tracking tool, visit:

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