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October 5, 2005
Public speaking: valuable promoting!
October 19, 2005
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Questioning, not telling…


I hope you had a great week.

This week, I have been intensely reading the work of an internet expert so that I can apply the latest techniques to develop our new website. Other than that, I have also done some promotional tracking and polished new tips and techniques for 3R’s file. Speaking of which…

This week, I offer this advice: Selling by telling is a losing approach. Selling by asking is a winning approach. Indeed, you need to ask your prospects questions to learn what is going on in their minds in order to convince them that you have the solution to their problems. You will even be able to respond more easily to objections. Next time you try to sell, ask them questions…and you will dramatically increase your sales!

See you in a week and all the best until then,

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