Sales Process: Repeat Success and Avoid Failure
May 13, 2009
Why does planning save time?
June 12, 2009
Sales Process: Repeat Success and Avoid Failure
May 13, 2009
Why does planning save time?
June 12, 2009
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Online Social Media Strategy

Through this article, written by our intern Javier Fenoy Mena, we are going to briefly explain how to create and implement a social media marketing plan for 3R Sales & Marketing. The principal goal is to attract more traffic for our website (prospect customers) and turn that traffic into real clients.

We are going to use the most important social networks in the World Wide Web, like Facebook, Twitter, Digg,, Stumbleupon, Reddit and Google Bookmarks.

In order to do that, we are going to use the 3R Sales & Marketing’s blog section. We are going to use the current categories, but we are going to create a new one as well, where we can post curious or funny stuff related with marketing, sales, advertisement… For that, we are going to use videos (from YouTube for example) and pictures to catch the attention of the readers, make them vote for our content, and get more visits. This new category in the blog section could be called curiosities, off-topic…

Then we will go with our posts to the main social media networks and post them there, in order to obtain traffic for our website. A big part of that traffic will be only useful to Google and will make our better in terms of search engine optimization (because we are creating traffic and links), and another part of the traffic will be prospect customers, whose can give us conversions and become into real customers!


The fist step is creating post for our blog, so then we can go with them to the action!

How to write an attractive post?

In order to create a very successful blog, we need to choose an attractive content. A professional blog talking about some specific topics will only draw the attention of specialist in that topic, or people that actually understand what are we trying to tell.

However, if we write about something a little bit more generic, with a natural and comprehensive language (of course, without leaving the field of marketing), we can generate more traffic. Moreover, using graphics, images or videos really help our readers to understand everything, make it easier and more attractive.

So in our case we might write about curiosities on marketing (advertisement, new products, concepts…). We can get some ideas from newspapers, TV advertisements, radio or, of course, the internet. We have to look for curiosity, humour, and aggressive or provocative content.

It is also very important the title of the post. We really need to draw the attention of the potential readers: the most people read our post, the most chances of positive votes we will get, and that can turn into prospect clients, conversions and customers. So for the title of each one of our posts, we need to choose a creative, aggressive, provocative or funny title…

What should we write about?

This is a very important point. What to write about? Actually, we can write about anything. We only have to write in a marketing point of view.

  • Marketing tips (it is always very attractive)
  • Marketing curiosities
  • Business news,
  • Advertisements,
  • TV,
  • Sport,
  • Politics
  • Own experience with customers

We can get ideas from everywhere! We can also use some of our current posts and try them into the different bookmark media networks to see the impact of them. Just try to shock the readers, and our aim will be accomplished.

Anyway, we have to beard in mind that our company offer a coaching and training service as well, so we have to post some entrances about that as well, being professional and serious, and make ourselves look like the experts we actually are. We have to be careful with the things we post because we shouldn’t change the corporate image of the company.

How often should we write a new post?

We are going to post all the entrances of our blog in several bookmarks social media network, so it is important to refresh the content as much as possible. The problem is that this takes a lot of tome. Anyway, probably 2 posts a moth will be fine.

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