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October 19, 2005
This is my last month
November 2, 2005
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Offering a garantee and keeping it!


I hope you had a great week.

Great news! Last week, I told you about the survey that I created. Well, Peter with some modifications will include it in this month newsletter! If you are not yet subscribed to our SUCCESS newsletter, don’t forget to subscribe now! (it’s free and it’s powerful if you act on the information we give you).

This week, I have continued to work on the lead generation project. In addition, I have done some promotional tracking. I have also done some sales assement reports.

This week, I offer this advice: you need to increase the confidence and trust in your prospect before making a sales. By giving assurances you will reduce the notion of risk in order to close the sale more easily, faster and more often. Are you offering any garantee right now? If not, why not? Don’t forget to keep your promises once offered because your reputation is at stake!

See you in a week and all the best until then,

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