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Do you know what works and how to repeat it, while avoiding mistakes? To know which sales people are performing well and which products sell quickest without discount, contact us today.


By creating a sales process, designed specifically around your company’s products and practices, you will be able to ensure sales happen faster, more regularly.

What Will You Get with Sales Process & Methodology?

By creating a sales process, designed specifically around your company’s products and practices, you will be able to ensure sales happen faster, more regularly.

The earlier you start the higher value you will start to get from your sales, after all you don’t want to keep going the way you are because you did not act – do you?

Could you imagine how much easier business would be, if you were able to;

  • Forecast sales revenue accurately so that you could make plans to grow your business.
  • Achieve shorter sales cycles, higher profitability and better cooperation between sales, marketing and production with everyone following a consistent set of rules
  • Have everyone on your team as good as you or your best sales person.
  • Ensure that your customers became willing buyers, who saw the value in your offerings and did not demand profit crippling discounts

Key Benefits

We all like to taste true success – don’t you? If you are selling to businesses you will need a repeatable process, both for existing sales staff and to ensure that new team members start earning revenue for you fast.

  • Quickly have each member of your team as effective as your top performers, which means more sales quickly
  • Compete effectively against competition that previously beat you
  • Dramatically increase how much each customer buys from you by using proven strategies to enhance your offerings value in their eyes.
  • By using best practice methodologies and processes adapted specifically for your company, you will find a huge boost to your bottom line, with far more closed deals.

Who will benefit the most from having a winning Sales Process & Methodology?

If you find any of the following statements are true, then you seriously need to look at your existing sales setup;

  • Sales performance from team members is unpredictable and inconsistent
  • You find that sales never seem to “close”
  • You have been the sales person up to now and you are looking to bring in someone to replace you.
  • It takes a long time for new reps to start selling and you have a high turnover of staff.

How We Work with You

Once we have performed an assessment of your existing process, assuming you have one, we will know the strengths of your team, your product and indeed your strategy.

  • Having identified what it is you do well we will map this onto a best practices sales process template to give you a formula for repeatable success.
  • With your new Sales Process and Methodology we will work with your sales team to ensure that we have an accurate match between the sales process and your client’s buying process.
  • We will then trial the new process using excel or paper based systems to ascertain the value being added to the sales people and also to clarify that the information produced is valuable for your to manage your business more effectively
  • Using our knowledge of CRM technologies available, we will then either create a plan to adapt your exsting system or to help you go to tender to obtain a system that nest matches your requirements in terms of budget and fit for purpose.
  • If required we can then assist you and the selected vendor with installing and customising the CRM system to ensure it optimises your sales process and methodology enabling you to rapidly increase sales.
  • Once your system is up and running we can then help you manage your sales teams and coach them to success.

Call phone-number now because you are not alone – many people are finding it tough to create the right sales process for their company!