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Local SEO – Do You Need Google My Business?

Yes, you need Google My Business (GMB), especially if you own a local company. This tool can help you keep up with or even outdo your competitors including the big, established brands.

What are the benefits of having a Google My Business profile? For one, GMB can help you rank well on local searches. In fact, reports indicate that GMB is one of the top factors that impact local SEO efforts. This is the reason why claiming and verifying your GMB listing is an essential first step in any local SEO strategy.

Furthermore, having a GMB listing won’t just help your business do well on organic search results. It can also improve your company’s chances of getting into the so-called Google Local Three Pack. Reports indicate that businesses featured on the “three pack” experienced an increase in traffic as well as phone calls.

Clearly, a GMB profile can improve your online presence, even catapult you at the top of search engine results pages. This can mean more users finding and learning about your business which can eventually lead to a growth in customers and profits.

Another benefit is that it allows users to provide reviews. As you probably already know, customers value feedback. There are studies which show that 90% of customers’ purchasing decision was influenced by positive reviews they read online. So, while a number 1 spot on SERPs is what makes more users see and visit your company or website, it is actually the reviews which turn these visitors into customers.

The good news is that GMB allows clients to leave reviews on your profile. Hence, when your listing appears on search results, they can immediately see what other people think of your business. Additionally, GMB lets company owners like you respond to these reviews. This is a very important feature as it enables you to answer any bad feedback, to air your side and convey your regrets. It also allows you to thank those who have given you positive reviews and build a relationship with them.

Basically, having a Google My Business profile can greatly help improve your online visibility. It allows you to market your company without breaking the bank. Hence, even without the big advertising budget that huge businesses have, you can widen your reach and get more clients.

Moreover, online users won’t just see your business but know pertinent details about it like its location, contact details, operating hours and services, amongst others. They’d even get to see your products or office since you can upload photos and videos on your GMB profile. Lastly, with your customers’ reviews, they’d get a good grasp of the kind of service you render. Simply put, your GMB profile doesn’t just have the power to help you reach more people; it can also sell for you!

Of course, for you to achieve the aforementioned benefits, you need to properly set up and optimise your GMB listing. This means placing the correct information about your business such as its name, address and phone number (NAP). You should also choose the accurate category for your business. Fill out all information asked for in the listing and do not forget to upload photos and/or videos.

Keep in mind, much like SEO, managing your GMB is an ongoing task. Work doesn’t stop after you verified your listing. You need to regularly monitor it. If a client leaves a review, make sure you respond to it. More importantly, if there are changes in your business, i.e., address or phone number changed, new business hours or new services, see to it that you immediately update the information on your GMB page.

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