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December 23, 2010
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Happy New Year – Globally!

Happy New Year GloballyThe festivities are happily over and if they were successful enough in this consumeristic way of life, we all are well relaxed, and completely fed up with all the great stuff from the kitchens of our Mums… – see how similar we are in so many things?

Today we are looking forward to working again, but before we dive into the daily work pressure and routine, let’s evaluate what we have learnt over these holidays.

For myself, I was back at home in Slovakia and I would like to share some views with you because I think they might help you understand the global process of assimilation of world cultures.

While I am not sure how much you know about my country, I would like to tell you that it is no barren land without highways or television. In short, some might be amazed at how modern and developed our country is, compared to what people in the West might expect before visiting Slovakia.

For example, you can go shopping at Tesco, which is just like the one in Jervis, eat out at McDonald’s; people are driving BMWs or Mercedeses, drinking Coke and wearing Adidas.

There have been debates and polemics whether globalisation is a menace or a boon for our societies. While you have probably your own opinion and I don’t want to take it from you, there is one strong aspect that speaks out in favour of the nationwide brands. The likes of Coca-Cola or Nike benefit greatly from the world’s uniting.

While there is a way of growing business via getting most from your current customers at your local market, it sometimes seems to be easier and faster to expand beyond the national frontiers, applying your successes in new countries.

Having said this, there definitely is certain truth about the well-known notion “Think globally, act locally”, so that the cultural diversity remains vivid in certain ways.

Contributing to Globalisation Yourself?

As an Irish business owner, you might consider the riches waiting for you outside Ireland. Whereas our needs and wants assimilate through the process of globalisation, there still are certain differences you need to understand before launching a product abroad.

Therefore, if you are planning to enter a foreign market, I would have a piece of advice for you. For the successful launch abroad, I am happy to tell you, that as an Irish business fulfiling certain conditions, you can apply for the Enterprise Ireland grant to create a marketing feasibility study.

‘Cause you need to understand the foreign world, to map the subtle differences and to plan your path to success.

3R is here to help again.

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