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June 6, 2008
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June 14, 2008
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E-care: Get visitors stick with you


As I am working really hard on my thesis which is about the importance of SEO for small and medium company, I found a quite interesting way to first attract people and then build up a relationship so they come back to visit you again and again!

Nowadays the big challenge is to make your visitors stick to your website then the traffic you create should
accumulate – problem solved. Making that traffic return is the major challenge and one of the so called “secrets” of build a successful website.

Could you tell me what is better than having visitors continuing to return to your website, without any effort on your part? You do not know the answer so I am going to give you 3 ones:.

1. Create interesting content. This is the one of the main reasons why 3R favour blogs. You can easily write content and update it on your website, It’s much easier updating a blog than a website. People browse on the internet to read content. So if the information provided by you is good and it is updated on a regular basis, the user will bookmark your site and will return. Even possibly a few times a week to read your content.

2. Having a newsletter subscription on the front of your website.

Once visitors sign up to your form, they are on your email list. Getting your visitors receiving newsletters will remind them of your existence so that they visit you again.

3. Having a forum on your website. With good content you will attract interested visitors to your website. These visitors love to share and discuss what they are passionate about. A forum will act as a regular gathering place for them which means repeated visits and also increasing your sales.

The best thing is to implement all 3 techniques to your website. Getting traffic is not an easy thing so make sure the traffic is your regular customer. A regular customer gives you regular business however an occasional customer does not guarantee you long term sales, so which type of visitors do you prefer?

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