Business Turnaround Specialists in Ireland – Website Launch

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June 29, 2009
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September 1, 2009
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Business Turnaround Specialists in Ireland – Website Launch

V20:20 has been launched with a mission to enable Irish companies survive and create a foundation for growth by partnering with the Banks and SME Clients to save 200,000 jobs in Ireland.

Why V20:20 turned to 3R Sales and Marketing

Setting up a consultancy business of this level of expertise and target requires a different skill set to marketing and selling it. V20:20 recognised the importance of professional online presentation and search engine optimisation.

How V20:20 is benefiting from 3R

With first results achieved in, V20:20 is now looking at increase their ranking with keywords like business turnaround specialists. This will create awareness among people looking for business development consultants, as well as bring the right traffic to the website.

What was so special about the approach 3R uses with V20:20?

On top of usual online marketing and search engine optimisation, in this case, 3R is also helping the company with small website edits, design and layout of individual pages.

To sum up, these days it is crucial for a company of any size, to have a decent base on the Internet, and to be able to communicate the right message to the prospects online.

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