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September 10, 2013
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5 Golden Rules of SEO after Penguin 2.0

ID-10072420Google are constantly cranking down on spam content which has no purpose other than to act as undermining marketing tool. This is where the implementation of Penguin 2.0 has come in. It acts as a surveyor of all SEO content by way of flagging information which includes too many keywords, crammed links and incoherent sentences.

The algorithm is updated regularly through new software to avoid people finding ways around the Google regulations. One aspect that it cannot identify is the intention of the user; you may not intend to create invaluable content for purely marketing purposes but this is not the point. As an article writer you should be aware of what constitutes quality information and what signifies mindless drivel covering for online advertising.

  1. Social Media – A great way to increase your following and share content is though social media. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. allow users to see how well their content is doing by the amount of likes it receives, shares it gets and comments that are made. This is an easy way to identify your problematic SEO methods and alter accordingly without having to implement expensive analytical tools.

  1. Content – Quality is the simple answer to all SEO problems. If your content is good enough then you do not have to worry about any accusations of underhand marketing. Make sure your titles match the information and do some simple research to improve your knowledge. When Google users search a term or enter a query they expect to receive the most relevant sites that can answer their problems. If your site is not helpful it will only receive negative attention followed by none altogether.

  1. Link Building – A big mistake SEO content writers do is inundate their site with links to other products and pages. This creates a clustered environment and unnatural content which is easily recognisable to Google as cheap marketing. You can avoid this by firstly performing a link audit which will tell you what links are acceptable on your site, only link relevant webpages to your content, and invite guest bloggers in to talk about their products/services.

  1. Google Plus Authorship  – A general rule of thumb nowadays in the SEO world is that having a face behind the content improves your traffic immensely. Many users won’t even click into a site that doesn’t have a specified author who is verified by Google. Once you put your name behind your writing you will see increased views and later  maybe improved rankings.

  1. Analysis – You should create your own surveys to gain a reflection of your success and what you can improve on. There are plenty of analytical tools available for understanding your perception within a specified market. When you can identify your own weaknesses and pinpoint the areas that are working for you then you have a much better chance of succeeding as an SEO content writer.

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