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We are now confident in saying that our online leads increased by at least 100% which is a direct result of the work 3R has been doing for us.
- Pat Duffy, MD
We are very happy with the results which 3R have achieved for us. We appear in the number one place for all our relevant search terms...
- Greg Merriman, National Training Centre

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How to Choose an SEO Consultant Who Will Deliver Online Sales

Maybe you have had an experience with an SEO expert, and maybe you are looking at excellent results which can be proven not only in SEO terms, but also on your bank account. But if you are a novice and haven't had an experience with an online marketing specialist, you might consider these criteria when shopping around for their services:

  1. Their own website. Is their own website optimised for humans (easy to understand, easy to contact them, clear value of their services), and for Google (you can see them on the first page with the most important keywords for their industry – i.e. SEO consultant, seo, search engine optimisation, seo marketing, sem, online marketing, internet marketing etc.

  2. Guarantee. What is their guarantee? Be careful about SEO gurus who will guarantee first positions in Google organic ranking. Google has its own very well kept indexing rules, and since they can change any time (and they do change), how can somebody guarantee first page positions? However, fair play to those consultants, who will pay for your Google Adwords until you get back to the first page organically.

  3. Previous results. What successes have they had previously? Is it a long tail keyword being on the first page in Google, or would you prefer to see how much value they have delivered to the client in money terms? Have a look at their testimonials, and find out what they are talking about.

  4. Certification. Are they qualified – certified? Each consultant should be at least Google Advertising Qualified individual.

  5. Pricing. What is their price based on? Is it the amount of hours? Is it number of keywords brought to the first position in Google? Is it a package with a list of 20 items you don't really understand? Or is it based on your goals in terms of visitors and online enquiries that will lead to a certain number of potential sales to you?

  6. Measurement. How do they measure their results? Will they provide you with a report with numbers of visitors to your website, or will they attach a full report with every single detail that you can know about your website and online marketing campaign? Do they interpret the results, saying whether they are positive or negative for you, and what actions they are going to take next month to make sure you get the best value from your website?

  7. Ethics. Can you trust them – are they ethical in every manner, would they never spam, would they adhere to the best practices of online marketing – and how can they prove this?
These are the top seven criteria, as we see them at the moment. Of course, you might add some more, such as industry experience and many more. But given the value for money, we believe the above ones are the most important for you to look at, if you are looking for an online marketing consultant who will help your business. Whatever SEO company you decide to choose, we wish you great success with your website, because the Internet is a great source of new business, and yet is not fully used in many areas.

This article was written by Simona Rusnakova of 3R SEO & Marketing. If you want to start working on your website and start getting online sales straight away and you want someone to help you nail your online marketing, then contact us today or register for a Free Web Health Check.
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What Our Clients Say

“3R is an SEO company you can rely on. It’s been years now since we started working with them, and during all that time, every our request related to search engine optimisation was answered quickly and effectively. We would recommend 3R as an SEO provider to any other Irish company. - Eamon Wilson, MD, Promowear

Since we hired 3R to look after our SEO, our leads keep growing steadily and our website ranks in Google for many new keyword phrases which are crucial for our business. If you are looking for SEO services in Ireland that deliver results, 3R are definitely an option. - Ronan Stafford, C.E.O., Codec-dss

Working with 3R enables us greater focus on our business while our website and other online activities are being looked after. It’s amazing to see the progress month by month. - Darren Quigley, MD, Quigley Preservation Ltd.

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