April 7, 2010

5 Rules of Successful Marketing

If you are looking to be successful at marketing your business, there are a few basic principles that apply, whatever niche you’re in. Once you master […]
October 7, 2008

11 Symptoms of an Endangered Business

Key Performance Indicators | Bank Loan | Financing | Asset ValueDespite markets are down, we all want to make sure our businesses survive. So what measurements have you put in place to make sure yours will not go down? Are you using the 11 most important key performance indicators or have you already encountered the symptoms of a business facing existential problems?

October 6, 2008

Business Loans – How to Get Them during a Recession

Key Performance Indicators | Bank Loan | Financing | Asset ValueForget property loans - you want a loan to grow - yet banks won't listen - even after the bailout throughout the world, money is still tight, credit is frozen and you get stuffed.

Well maybe there is a way. We are talking to a number of banks, who like the following proposal - it's a way of looking at commercial loans, that protects you the customer and them the bank.

It's a win-win situation.

June 24, 2008

SEO: The Modern War Human Vs. Robots !

When you start looking for the great keywords for your SEO workshop, I am sure you would use first Wordtracker which would provide with you the best keywords according to statistics… but, is this logically correct? When you want to be among the first results in Google, you would do whatever Google likes to be the first, right? And it is logical, I understand… but there are some issues over there!
June 18, 2008

The secret Advantages of article Distribution!

I am posting all lot in one time because I have been delayed due to my thesis, it takes me so long time but anyway I […]
May 13, 2008

Why does 3R stand for Success?

3R is the basic principle that underlines all success. In rural Ireland when the children used to be schooled in what was known as “hedge schools” […]
December 5, 2007

Budget 2008 – What it means for business and marketing

Some things are outside of our control and we simply can’t affect them, so unless you are one of the people on the inside and you […]