June 14, 2005

What is this blog all about?

Hi and welcome to my weekly blog, I am an intern at 3R Sales & Marketing ( www.3r.ie) in Greystones, Ireland, for 6 months and this […]
January 11, 2005

SPT for Small Business

SPT for Small Business For those that are not into Acronyms, SPT means Strategic Planning Day. Individuals who have dreams that seem to far away to […]
October 19, 2004

Sales & Marketing for Business Owners

Sales & Marketing for Business Owners Need to see if anyone wants to put some comments about this website up – I need your comments so […]
October 7, 2004

4th Level Ventures – Portfolio

4th Level Ventures – Portfolio Very interesting – some pretty experienced guys behind this – pretty unusual for a slaes eexcutive to be in a VC […]
September 29, 2004

3R Sales & Marketing – Building wealth for business owners

Every day you live you learn something wonderful. It might be a certain way that your children smile at things, or how a swallow feeds its […]
September 29, 2004

3R sales & Marketing Network

3R sales & Marketing Network just seeing how blog this works You may be aware of new techniques that other marketers might not want you to […]
September 29, 2004

Firefox – Rediscover the web

Firefox – Rediscover the web had major IE problems, look slike my pc was going down the pan – and did search on “fix ie explorere” […]