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June 2, 2011
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June 15, 2011
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After you have succeeded in bringing customers interested in your to your website, and maybe got them to read a few of your pages, in order to bring them to the next step, which could be for example contacting you about a particular product, you might need to keep in touch with them and make sure that they keep you in mind.

One of the options of involving visitors into happening on your website is to invite them to join your mailing list, so that you will be sending them a monthly online newsletter with free your tips – with links back to your website.

Writing a newsletter is an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers and to keep them updated on your special offers and news.

  1. Write an article and create a special offer for the newsletter
  2. Setup account
  3. Create newsletter template and put together your first online newsletter
  4. Upload your contacts, who will get a verification email with a link to confirm that they agree to be included in your list
  5. Setup a sign-in form and send the code to your web designer who will put it to the website – preferably to every page to the upper half
  6. Broadcast your first newsletter
  7. Create a tracking sheet for the newsletter
  8. Write up newsletter articles, broadcast monthly and track responses

Here all general rules for writing content apply, so don’t forget about using benefits, testimonials and irresistible calls to action as outlined earlier in this chapter.

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