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June 16, 2010
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June 24, 2010
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If you are looking at a very interesting and smart way of building links to your website, commenting on your blogs will be an answer for you.

It’s easy – you find a blog that deals with your, or customers in general, you read a post, and you comment on it by clicking “Add a comment” at the end of the post.

However, anything like “Thank you for the advice, it’s really good” will not do. You need to say very specifically what you liked about the article, and maybe ask a few questions or suggest some new and unexplored solutions. Never promote your company in the comment itself.

In the comment form, you are given an option to add your website URL, and this is the place where you add your URL, and once the comment gets approved by the blog owner, the name you provide will be hyperlinked and going to your website.

Some SEO experts recommend using your main keyword phrase instead of your name, since then you will have a keyword hyperlinked, which is the most effective way of building links. However, some blog owners might easily recognize this as SEO and promotional efforts, and they might not publish your comment then.

To get the best results, you should find blogs with high page rank, and also check whether their comment links are not rel=”nofollow” tagged. You can check this by viewing the page’s source, and in the HTML code, search for the previous comments and see whether in the HTML code of the link there is no rel=”nofollow” tag.

There is not much use of a link which is marked rel=”nofollow”, because this tag simply tells Google not to follow the link for SEO purposes. That’s why you don’t get much SEO value from building nofollow links.

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